Beat Your Competition the Right Way

Beat Your Competition

Want to know how to beat your competition?  We are all in the “Eyeballs and Ears business”, which means if a person can see or hear something … we want to be there! But, we don’t want to be spammy! What I plan on sharing with you today is a few tips to beat your [...]

SEO Basic Tips for Small Business Owners – Part 7 – Final

SEO Tips For Small Business Owners   While there are a variety of ways to increase targeted website traffic, every business owner should consider optimizing their website for the search engines. Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, it’s best to drive website traffic through several sources. This way, you can cast [...]

SEO Basic Tips for Small Business Owners – Part 6

The Importance Of Building Quality Backlinks   If you’ve studied SEO for any length of time, you know that there are things you must do to your webpages themselves, called “on page optimization,” and things external to your website, called “off page optimization.” While there are a number of tactics that fall into the off [...]

SEO Basic Tips for Small Business Owners – Part 5

Website Factors That Affect SEO Search Engine Optimization is generally comprised of two distinctly different activities… optimizing the website itself , referred to as “on page” optimization, and increasing the authority of the website in the eyes of the search engines, referred to as “off page” optimization. While both strategies must be employed for best [...]

SEO Basic Tips for Small Business Owners – Part 4

SEO for Small Business Tutorial

Keyword Selection For Search Engine Optimization   Search Engine Optimization really isn’t rocket science but there is a lot to know and consider when optimizing one’s website. At the forefront is the understanding of keywords/keyword phrases and what affect they have on your ability to get targeted website traffic. What is a keyword/keyword phrase anyway? [...]

SEO Basic Tips for Small Business Owners – Part 3

 Don’t Most Web Designers Know SEO? The world of web design is complex and fraught with misinformation. Chief among them is the belief that most web designers have a solid understanding of Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO). In truth, the exact opposite is true. Most web designers know very little about SEO and this includes [...]

SEO Basic Tips for Small Business Owners – Part 2

SEO Terminology – 5 Terms You Should Know One of the reasons Search Engine Optimization seems so complex is that it there are so many foreign terms used. In this short article, I’ll list some of the most common terms and will try my best to give you “geek free” definitions. 1. SEO SEO stands [...]

SEO Basic Tips for Small Business Owners – Part 1

SEO Small Business Search Results

  (Screenshot of for the keyword phrase, “denver auto repair.” A – The top three ads in the shaded area are paid ads. They have been created through Google’s Adwords program and are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. B – As I conducted a “local search,” Google is showing me a Google Map relevant to my [...]

What is a Good Website?

For years people have been led to believe that a good website is one that simply looks good. But now you have to ask yourself again… What is a Good Website? I’ve been studying webdesign and websites in general over the last 3 years heavily.  I’ll tell you what I’ve found.  I’ve seen websites that [...]

Staying in the Loop

As we all know staying in front of your target market is a must. But what most of us forget or fail to realize is that we need to offer a reason for our target market to see us, all the time! In a recent post I wrote about giving away content and this is [...]